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Contribute to the Grumpy project!

You are a programmer
If you have time and programming skills, you can help me develop the software (Grumpy is written in FreeBASIC). Browse the latest source package, read the documentation, and write some code (contact me before, maybe I'm already working on the issue or feature you are thinking about).

You are an artist
If you're an artist, or just have some skills on graphics design, you can contribute by providing a cool logo for the project (it has to stay related to the Grimm's well-known dwarf), make some good-looking "powered by" buttons, or send me any nice artwork about the Grumpy web & gopher server.

You just have some time to spare
If you have time but neither programming or artistic skills, you can help with many other things! This includes extending the documentation, translating the Grumpy's website to another language, fixing any kind of grammar errors or typos, creating a Grumpy package for your Linux distribution, testing the server for any security holes, advertising Grumpy as an easy-to-use web & gopher server around you, etc...

Don't have time?
If you don't have time, but you would like to contribute to the Grumpy project anyway, you may consider making a donation.