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Donate to the Grumpy project!

Producing a web server software and maintaning it requires a dedicated effort. Grumpy was and is built and maintained in unpayed work as a free open source project. The source code is available for everyone and can be used without limitations for both commercial and non-commercial uses. I am developping the Grumpy project in my free time, and I do not expect to make any benefit from it now, nor in the future. However, any donations will help me covering hosting and maintenance costs.

Sponsoring features
An alternative to a general donation is to explicitly sponsor specific features to let the project be developed for your particular needs. The results will be added to future releases for the advantage of all users (please stay reasonable in your expectations, I probably won't implement any feature requiring some major work on the server).

Use the button below to send a donation with PayPal™ (if you don't have a Paypal™ account you can still make a donation through Paypal™ using a major credit card, just follow the same link):

Upon request, donars can list their name and a link to their site here. Please note: this is not a link selling service, I will only display links to reputable and legitimate websites. Thank you.