Mateusz Viste


My name is Mateusz and I am a software architect. I used to live in a rural area of northern Poland during my youth, nowadays I reside in the countryside of central France. I believe in sharing knowledge - be it under the form of ideas, code, designs or any other means of expression. I also value minimalism, but that you already guessed from the look of this website.


I enjoy writing open-source software in my spare time - mostly related to retro-computing, but not only. I also run a modest gopherspace node.

I keep most of my open-source projects either on sourceforge or OSDN. I also have some code bits on github - for the most part because I noticed once that cool kids were using it and I wanted to try that, too, but I'm not terribly fond of it. The closest thing to a CV I have is my LinkedIn profile. There's also this youtube thing I am registered on, although I really don't use it much since I largely prefer reading rather than watching.

Among the few things that keep me interested are Soay sheep. I find sheep to be very nice people. Remarkably wise, too. I also take joy in natural beekeeping.

Professional life

In the past I met a talented entrepreneur. Together, we founded an IT startup where I led R&D developments of our network optimizer and managed all the technical details of our operations, while he took care of business aspects of the company. The company's archived website features some words about its founders.

Our technology inspired a few (1, 2, 3) academic papers.

Education and past occupations

I am self-taugth, never had much patience for schools. After I somehow managed to pass high school, I tried a large spectrum of occupations: worked as an electrician, served in the military, repaired bicycles, worked for a technical hotline, ran a computer repair business, held the position of a cybersecurity instructor and more. Software programming was a distant dream that I pursued mostly during night time, but eventually it became a full time job.


Wanna get in touch? My e-mail address is almost the same as the address of this web page ( A surprising number of people have troubles pronouncing my name, so here it is (courtesy of wikimedia).