Mateusz Viste


My name is Mateusz and I am a software engineer. I believe in sharing knowledge - be it under the form of ideas, code, designs or any other means of expression. I also value minimalism, but that you already know by looking at this website. I enjoy writing open-source software in my free time - mostly related to retro-computing, but not only. I also run a gopherspace node.

I keep most of my open-source projects on sourceforge. I also have some code on github - mostly because I've noticed that new kids use this, but I'm not terribly fond of it. The closest thing to a CV I have is my LinkedIn profile. There's also this youtube thing I am registered on, although I don't use it much.

Among the few things that keep me interested are Soay sheep. I find sheep to be very nice people. Remarkably wise, too.

Wanna get in touch? My e-mail address is almost the same as the address of this web page ( An amazingly high number of people have troubles pronouncing my name, so here it is, courtesy of wikimedia.