I don't like git

I don't like git

(but please bear with me)

Every now and then people come to me telling that I should migrate my projects to git. Please don't. I am very content with subversion and while git could certainly work as well, it's just an extra burden to me.

It is true that most projects nowadays rely on git for their code source versioning. Many people seem to think that this is because of some technical superiority of git. I think that's simply a bandwagon trend.

I said I don't like git, but it's kind of an overstatement. I have nothing against git itself, it is a truly impressive technology and an outstanding solution to the specific problem it was designed for: enabling collaboration of huge, unorganized teams on a complex code base in absence of a centralized authority. But when it comes to more limited projects, I find git to be an unnecessary complication that presents no added value over subversion, while having a number of downsides:

Subversion, on the other hand, is simpler due to its centralized nature. Synchronizing (updating) local files is both faster and leaner than with git, because svn cares only about the latest available revision, it does not keep the entire project's history on the client side. In a word - it's conceptually simpler, and I always favor technical simplicity as long as it does not come with significant limitations.

A nice follow up read: svnvsgit.com.