Digger Dwarf v0.83

ScreenshotDigger Dwarf is a console-based gopher client for Linux and Windows. It is entirely written in FreeBASIC, and uses the ChiSock library for networking.
If you don't know what gopher is, then this software will be probably useless to you.


ddwarf [url [--saveto=file]] [--proxy=proxyaddr [--proxyport=xx] [--proxyauth=login:pass]]

If you call DDwarf without any parameter, then it will simply open its browsing window, and let you to enter any URL of your choice. If called with a URL parameter, it will start and immediately open the specified URL (if possible). If you add the "--saveto=" parameter, then DDwarf will load the given URL, dump its content to the specified file, and quit.

Some examples:

ddwarf gopher://gopher.viste-family.net
ddwarf gopher://a-gopher-url/to/a/file --saveto=myfile.txt ddwarf --proxy=myproxy.example.com --proxyport=8080 --proxyauth=mylogin:mypass

Download: ddwarf083-linux.zip (Linux)
Download: ddwarf083-win32.zip (Windows)
Download: ddwarf083-src.zip (Sources)

You will find older releases here (although you definitely should use the latest version anyway)