Mateusz' software

Welcome to my software list! You will find here programs and games I have created during the years. Most of them are published under one of the free/libre open-source licenses. I take pride in what I do, and I put the utmost care into writing trouble-free code, but every software has bugs, and mine is certainly not an exception - please keep that in mind.

Feel free to contact me if you find any bug, or have some suggestions, questions, or simply want to tell me that my program works for you.

You may find some other interesting creations of mine in my attic as well.

Name Description OS
ANSiMat a graphical viewer and converter of ANSI/ASCII art files
Atomiks a faithful remake of the 1990 Atomix game
autoreplybot a pretty universal 'out of office' auto-reply bot for your company's mail server
autowol automatically turns on a local computer when needed
backconn connect to your remote machines even when they are behind a firewall or NAT
BasicNews a nice news (NNTP) server for private use, meant to be used as an internal company/home news server, or simply as an isolated internet news server
BreedFile a database software designed to help the stockbreeder get hold of its livestock's data
bsum a tiny (256 bytes) DOS tool that computes the BSD checksum of files
Dice a simple virtual dice roller
DOSMid MIDI player for MPU401 synthesizers, AWE32/64 wavetables and OPL2/3 chips running under DOS
Dr. Mind a 16-bit DOS adaptation of the Mastermind™ board game
DWOL a tiny WOL (Wake-On-LAN) implementation for DOS
elibsrv light, standalone ePub/PDF/Mobi aggregator with OPDS and web frontends
Emeritus Pong a clone of the good old PONG game
EtherDFS network drive for DOS, uses raw Ethernet to communicate
ethflop network-backed floppy emulator for DOS
F-Tetris tetris clone for DOS
FDNPKG network-enabled package manager for the FreeDOS operating system
Gopherus console-mode gopher client
Hangman computer DOS version of the "hangman" game
libpop3 very light POP3 library for C
localcfg locales configuration tool for DOS
M3ULIST playlist (M3U) generator for DOS
MiNES portable editor for Nintendo ROMs in the iNES format
Motsognir robust, reliable, dependencies-free and easy to install gopher server for Linux
OpenKropki 'kropki' game, similar to Go, also known as 'židi' (Czech), 'точки' (Russia) or simply 'dots'
PasswordBox PasswordBox is a "password bank" that keeps your passwords secure with AES encryption
picoSNTP SNTP client for DOS, based on the picoTCP library
picoTCP for DOS my DOS port of the picoTCP networking stack
Poludnitsa simple online quiz/exam platform
qdgal simple, no-nonsense, no-sql PHP image gallery system
rcal a "rolling paper" calculator for 8086+ computers
rread Rinaldo's Read is a simple text reader for DOS, designed for compatibility with screen readers
Simple Sokoban multiplatform Sokoban clone build on SDL2
Sudoku86 a mouse controlled Sudoku game for 8086 CPUs, runs on CGA and VGA
Svarog386 a FreeDOS distribution for 386+ computers
Svarog86 my FreeDOS-based micro distribution for 8086/8088 computers
taprouter a user mode, router-like software allowing to use SLIRP from within TAP-attached systems
uHex simple, lean and fast console-mode hex editor
utf8tocp console mode tool converting UTF-8 text files into other codepages back and forth
zBoy my GameBoy emulator - pretty good compatibility, multiple features
Zmiy a snake game similar to 'Nibbles', optimized for 8086 and DOS