Mateusz Viste


This list presents software that I have created during the years. Most of it is published under a free/libre open-source license. I take pride in what I do, and put the utmost care into designing trouble-free code, but every software has bugs, and mine is certainly not an exception. I have also a few things in my attic, but they are mostly uninteresting.

Feel free to contact me if you find a bug, wish to share a suggestion, or simply want to tell me that my program works for you.


The Ancient Machine Book is an extremely lightweight file format meant to store any kind of hypertext documentation that may be comfortably viewed even on the most ancient PCs: technical manuals, books, etc. Think of it as a retro equivalent of a *.CHM help file.


Graphical viewer and converter of oldschool ANSI/ASCII art files for modern platforms.


Atomiks is a faithful remake of, and a tribute to, Atomix, a classic puzzle game created by Softtouch & RoSt and published in 1990 by the Thalion Software company. Atomiks is free software, and shares no code with the original Atomix game.

pretty universal 'out of office' auto-reply bot for your company's mail server

Automatically power on a local computer when needed (Wake-on-Lan).

connect to your remote machines even when they are behind a firewall or NAT

audio-only logic game about finding out a secret code through deduction

Tiny (256 bytes) DOS tool that computes the BSD checksum of files. x86 assembly sources included.


MIDI player for MPU401 synthesizers, AWE32/64 wavetables and OPL2/3 chips running under DOS.

Dr. Mind

16-bit DOS adaptation of the Mastermind™ board game. The game features a set of 24 pictures - each time you work out a valid code combination, you are rewarded with a picture.
Play online in browser

Tiny WOL (Wake-On-LAN) implementation for DOS. x86 assembly sources included.

light, standalone ePub/PDF/Mobi aggregator with OPDS and web frontends

Emeritus Pong

Clone of the good old PONG game. It tries to be relatively close to the original, therefore no fancy graphic or astonishing sound effects there.

Braille 'n Speak synth emulator


Network drive for DOS. This is an 'installable filesystem' TSR for DOS. It maps a drive from a remote computer (typically Linux-based) to a local drive letter, using raw ethernet frames to communicate (ie. no TCP/IP setup required).

DOS TSR that emulates a floppy disk drive. The emulated (virtual) floppy disk is, in fact, stored on a Linux server as a floppy image. All the communication between ethflop (the TSR) and ethflopd (the Linux daemon) is exchanged over raw Ethernet. No need for any network configuration - the DOS PC only needs to have some kind of Ethernet adapter (physical or emulated, for example through PLIP) and a suitable packet driver. Hand-crafted in x86 assembly. Requires only 2K of available memory.


tetris clone for DOS


Calculator for DOS (mouse support, big numbers...)

Gopherblog is a simple blog engine for Gopher. It is a CGI application that is meant to cooperate with a compliant gopher server (like Motsognir). It is written in ANSI C89 for maximum portability.


Free, multiplatform, console-mode gopher client that provides a classic text interface to the gopherspace.


Computer DOS version of the 'hangman' game, multiple languages and multiple dictionaries. Written in QuickBASIC.

Very light POP3 library for C. It allows to list, fetch and remove messages from a POP3 mailbox. This library relies on RFC1939 as reference and uses most basic POP3 commands to provide maximum compatibility across different servers.
libpop3 is written in ANSI C (C89) without any external dependencies, thus it can be compiled and used on anything, anywhere.

locales configuration tool for DOS

playlist (M3U) generator for DOS

collection of C files that contain a variety of routines to ease the development of real mode DOS applications.


portable editor for Nintendo ROMs in the iNES format

Robust, reliable, dependencies-free and easy to install gopher server for Unix-like systems (Linux, BSD, and anything else POSIX-compliant).

The Observable Gopherspace Universe Project is a gopher spider that scans the gopherspace to discover new servers and maintain a list of active servers.


Open-source implementation of the 'Kropki' game. Kropki is a pen & paper game that was quite popular in Poland (kropki), Russia (точки), Czechoslovakia (židi), Ukraine (крапки) and a few other eastern Europe countries. The game's name translates simply as 'dots'.
The concept is similar to Go, although it had to be adapted for on-paper gameplay.

A very simple, naive and crude PHP implementation of a minimalist gopher server. It only opens a socket, awaits for a (single) client and displays back an informational screen. The program is about 40 lines long. It is meant to be an educational tool only.


simple online quiz/exam platform

This is a tiny, extremely light PHP blog engine. It stores all its content in filesystem, hence it requires no database. Only a web server with PHP. MIT license.

Portable Terminal UI library. This is an ANSI C library that provides simple terminal-handling routines that can operate on Linux, Windows and DOS.

Personal Web Organizer: a PHP calendar system to keep track of appointments, todo items and notes.


simple, no-nonsense, no-sql PHP image gallery system


'rolling paper' calculator for 8086+ computers

Simple Sokoban

Multiplatform Sokoban clone. Written in ANSI C89, using SDL for user interactions.

simple, single-file php script that acts as a "url shortener" (does not need a database)

Tiny, ANSI C library that strives to protect the programmer against common mistakes that occur when handling character strings. It does so by providing a new, opaque data type called "smartstr_t", as well as a set of functions that deals with it.


Mouse controlled Sudoku game for 8086 CPUs. This is a 16-bit, real mode application using CGA or VGA video output (320x200). Sudoku86 comes with 100 embedded sudoku grids of variable difficulty, and allows to load external level files, too.

my own DOS distribution


User mode, router-like software that allows to use SLIRP from within TAP-attached systems.


Simple, lean and fast console-mode hex editor.


Console mode tool that converts UTF-8 text files into other codepages back and forth.


My GameBoy emulator - pretty good compatibility, many features.


Snake game, similar to 'Nibbles'. It might not look super appealling, but that's not the point. This is a game that is optimized for 8086 CPUs with only a few kilobytes of available memory (runs under DOS).