Donate hardware

Wanna support me? Give away some junk :)

I happen to write some retro software in my spare time. Legacy hardware is key to test such software properly and make sure it runs as expected on the "real thing". If you have some old (pre-1992) PC parts laying around that you'd like to donate, I might be interested in taking care of them (and would happily cover any reasonable shipping costs to France). Here below are a few examples of things I'd be likely interested in:

• 8088/8086, 80186, 80286 PCs or mainboards
• MDA/Hercules/CGA graphic cards and their (amber, green...) monitors
• a VGA monitor, but only if very small (14" max)
• an XT or AT computer case
• any XT-related (or clone of) parts
• SBC (single board computer) cards in ISA form factor
• ISA back planes (only if coming with their case)
• a Xircom PE3 network adapter (LPT to RJ45)
• a Gravis UltraSound (GUS) card
• ISA RAM cards (UMB, XMS...)
• MIDI synthesizers
• ...

Wondering about getting rid of any of the things above? Get in touch! My e-mail address is almost the same as the address of this website: myfirstname (at) mylastname (dot) fr