KittyPOP v0.51

KittyPOP is a simple (yet functional!) POP3 server for Linux.
It plainly supports mandatory POP3 commands (as described by the RFC 1939), as well as optional commands like TOP, UIDL or CAPA. The APOP authentication mechanism is supported as well. I wrote KittyPOP mostly as a "fun project", and I am using it myself on my mail server. This program is released under the GNU/GPLv3 license, which allows you to modify it to your convenience (obviously, you can't claim that you're the author!).
KittyPOP handles maildir mail spools only (which implies that your server has to use maildir to store incoming mails).

See the file "install.txt" packaged with the program to get instructions about KittyPOP's installation.

Download: kittypop051-bin.zip (Binary)
Download: kittypop051-src.zip (Source)

You will find older releases here (although you definitely should use the latest version anyway)