FreeDOS Password

Here is my humble attempt to create a password program for the FreeDOS distribution. Obviously I can't bring to FreeDOS the security level known from Unixish systems, but with FreeDOS Password we can at least protect our computers from strangers access. It's of course a GPL program with sources included.

The program allow to create as many users as we like with passwords long up to 25 characters. After each login the program create an environment variable 'USER' with the name of the currently logged user. All logs and logs attempts are stored in a log file with their dates, times, and other data. To set up the program you have just to unpack the archive and run INSTALL.BAT.

FreeDOS Password is able to use translation files (english, french and polish files are included, others can be easily written by any translator), it needs only a LANG environment variable (to know which language to speak) and optionally a NLSPATH variable to know where the translation files are (if NLSPATH is not specified, the program will look in his own directory).

Note [2018-06-25]: This is a program I created in the late 90' simply as "PASSWORD". Few years later I renamed it to "FreeDOS Password" and it got included into the FreeDOS distribution. It is written in Pascal, and although care was taken for it to be fully compatible with FreePascal, the distributed binary has been compiled using Turbo Pascal 7.0, because of the much smaller executable size.