FoxType, an UTF-8 text reader for DOS

FoxType is a FREEWARE program similar to the DOS 'TYPE' command. The main differences are that FoxType works in graphic mode (so it does not allow redirection nor piping) and it's able to display UTF-8 text files. In fact, I wrote FoxType because I needed a simple DOS program, which would allow me to view multilanguage text files in DOS.

The Unicode support isn't complete yet. I am still adding new characters to the database, as I want to make it fully compliant with Unicode 3.0. When FoxType finds an unknown character, it displays a red "?" mark in its place.

FoxType displays text files on a screen of 80 columns and 30 lines with a VGA resolution 640x480, or VESA 1280x1024, if a line is longer than 80 characters, FoxType automatically wraps it.


Authors: Mateusz Viste (programming) and Henrique Peron (glyphs management)