My first programs

The following programs are extremely primitive creations. I keep them here for purely nostalgic reasons: these are the first programs I ever created and published. Some are in English, some in Polish. All are meant to be run under DOS, either using MS BASIC v2.02 (BASICA.EXE) or QBasic v1.1.

liczby.rar (+sources), January 1999, BASICA

A "guessing type" game in Polish. The computer choses a random number in the range 1-10, and you have to guess the number in no more than three tries. After each unsuccessfull try, the computer lets you know whether the number is higher or lower than yours. Faster you will guess - more points you will get!, Summer 1999, QBASIC

mkeyb is a "musical" piano that uses the PC Speaker. Works in GW-BASIC, although I remember writing it first by hand on a sheet of paper during a summer trip to Italy (or was it Switzerland?), and re-typing it on my home computer back in Poland after the holidays., January 2000, BASICA

"dziennik" is an electronic diary. I was probably inspired by the "Doogie Howser, M.D." TV serie. Source code is saved in BASICA's binary format. Password is hardcoded to "F0X". Ending a new entry requires to type in the phrase <KONIEC> followed by the RETURN key., July 2000, QBASIC

Very simple war game. Two players share a "Radar screen" vision. Each player has to type in coordinates to launch a missile on the map. The player that hits his opponent first wins., June 2001, QBASIC

Encryptor: a file encrypt/decrypt program. The date is troubling here - file's timestamp indicates June 2000, but the in-program date says June 2001 instead... (+sources), 2002-2005, Turbo Pascal / QBASIC

F-Teacher is a small quizz-like database. Its purpose was to help me to learn German. Or maybe was it a pretext to have fun doing some code instead of actually studying? Who knows.