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Mateusz' attic

This is my virtual attic. I store here things I did in the past, that I do not work on anymore, and do not wish to showcase, but still these might be interesting to some people.

1st programs Some of my earliest programs
DOS/EGA TrueType Font (TTF) that mimics the oldschool EGA font
Dvalinn a TFTP server for Linux, based on SDL_net
Electronic a basic website I had created somewhere in 2004-2006 with simple analog electronic circuits (most collected around, some of my own design)
FancyMines a minesweeper-like game
FoxType Graphical UTF-8 text reader for DOS
FreeDOS localization project a multilingual localization project for the FreeDOS operating system
FreeDOS Password Login/password access control for (Free)DOS
GopherMole experimental gopher search engine with focus on multimedia files
Grumpy the "Grumpy" http & gopher server
HHCS home heat controlling system driving electric heaters
KittyPOP a simple POP3 server for Linux
lptdrv a tool to control LPT-attached devices manually or on a time basis
Monika's Tic-Tac-Toe a nice, colorful, mouse-driven Tic-Tac-Toe game
MS-EDIT Mateusz' Saucy Editor is a clone of... well, it seems obvious
PulseAudio Web GUI a web GUI controlling system for PulseAudio
Polish Askozia voices polish voice files for AskoziaPBX & Asterisk, that I created with the help of my wife, back when we had an Asterisk based server at home
SrvCheck a ping-like program able to check the availability of specific servers (HTTP, SMTP, POP3, Gopher, NNTP...)